God of War 4

Release date: 2021
Genre: action
Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher / distributor: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Part of series: God of War

God of War 4 - powerful, strong and invulnerable Kratos is an immortal demigod. His father was the great titan Pallas, and his mother was the sea nymph Styx. Parents endowed their son with incredible strength, power and power. However, the obtained abilities Kratos was forced to send to terrible deeds. He grew up among the Gods and under the influence of the God of War Ares committed violence and bloodthirsty murder.

Even his own family and the inhabitants of Olympus, destroyed as a result of another attack of the titans, became his victims. He was prone to betrayal, revenge and violence. Any of his opponents was defeated, because Kratos was strong and invincible. He sent many unfortunate and innocent demigods to the next world. It was all the fault of the negative influence of the cruel and terrible Gods and his indomitable, inner rage.


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