State of Decay 2

Release date: 2018
Genre: Action
Developer: Undead Labs
Version: Update 27 build 444822 Full (Latest) + All add-ons (DLC)
Interface language: English, Russian
Crack: Present

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 10 x64 build 1607 or higher
Processor: Intel i5-2500 2.7GHz
Video card: GTX 760
Hard Disk Space: 25GB

State of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition - In the virtual world of the multiplayer shooter game State of Decay 2, there is practically no room left for peace, light and goodness. The atmosphere here is steeped in fear, risk and danger. The scenic area of ​​the big city has become a haven for evil, mutating creatures. They become cold-blooded and bloodthirsty zombies, destroying the local population. People are desperate to escape, but the zombies are spreading at an incredible rate. A small detachment of fighters manages to survive. They confidently hold the defense and destroy monsters with weapons and ammunition. In an attempt to save the remnants of civilization, the team enters into a merciless struggle with them. They create their own headquarters, the territory of which is fenced with bombs and explosives. This prevents zombies from getting close and protects against brutal attacks. Here, in the safe zone of the camp, the survivors are building a shelter. They grow plant-based food and obtain vital resources. Reinforcements arrive to help the team. Four well-trained fighters will help in defense and defense against zombies. One of them will be your character, who is facing a fierce war against zombies.



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