Rescue Party: Live!


Rescue Party Live! - is an indie adventure simulator in which you have to immerse yourself in a series of adventures and rescue as many trapped people as possible in need of help ... You are a rescuer, and now you must by all means help people overcome obstacles and survive in conditions that which they are not prepared for.

Easy Red 2


Easy Red 2 - is a mixture of first person shooter, strategy and simulation. Here you will go to the times of the Second World War and will fight for yourself and your friends in difficult, dangerous and bloody battles.

Cursed House


The protagonist of Cursed House is - a 27-year-old Russian programmer. Having lived in Russia for 24 years, during this time Yusuf managed to save up for his old dream - to move to the USA and buy a cozy house.



Exsanguinate - is an indie survival horror game with challenging puzzles and artificial intelligence. Play as Matthew Barker and explore an abandoned mansion located in the Black Ridge Mountains. Solve the riddle of what happened there.

Five Nights at Freddy's


Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - you will find another part of the famous horror, where you have to survive without allowing the attacks of animatronics. This time, a huge open world awaits you, the action will take place in the entertainment complex "Mega Pizzaplex Freddie Fazbera", you in the role of the boy Gregory will hide from the animatronics, which the complex is simply teeming with.



Hellcoming - play the role of a fighter against evil spirits in a game called Hellcoming and go with your friends to another building full of evil spirits, demons and creepy creatures. You have to clear the buildings in all possible ways from the creatures of darkness, collect and destroy artifacts, run away from monsters that will try to prevent you, and not only.



You will have to leave the station in the orbit of Icarus and go to the surface of the planet with your companions in order to find more rare resources. It would seem that there is nothing unusual or overly complicated, but in reality it is not. On the planet you will encounter something that is difficult to describe in a few words.

Escape from Tarkov


Escape from Tarkov - an exciting multiplayer game, rich in its realistic and twisted plot. You need to become a mercenary who was able to survive the

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