Builder Simulator


Builder Simulator - is the perfect game for anyone who wants to build a house from scratch. A simple game with levels will guide you step by step and let you learn by showing you full instructions. However, at a difficult level, they will not help you. Instead, rely on skill development and do it yourself. You can travel to different locations around the world to do...



Madshot - tells about the adventures of a mad cultist who makes his way through urban locations located inside the monstrous Cthulhu. The protagonist will make his way through dangerous locations to break the cycle of eternal wanderings in the belly of a monster. The main task for the user is to complete story levels in the style of a roguelite shooter, where you have...

POSTAL: Brain Damaged


POSTAL: Brain Damaged - is a spin-off that takes over the most outrageous FPS series of all time from retro shooters. Dude will destroy! Dude is a crazy hero who once found himself in an orphanage. There is a mass of weird freaks and then a bad nurse who gives weird drugs. After such treatment, everyone - both sanitary paisis and patients turn into crazy maniacs...

The Quarry - Deluxe Edition


The Quarry - is a third-person horror game that can take you to the vast expanses of a huge camp where the leaders decided to have a party and do without children and adults. Usually such celebrations surprisingly end with new love affairs or strong friendships. But this time, you need to collect your thoughts and not rush to make decisions, because terrible hunters...

Moorhuhn Wanted


Moorhuhn Wanted - what to do if your hometown is filled with criminals? If the scene is the Wild West, then the solution to the problems here, in principle, is only one thing - to speak with the bandits in their language. It is two brilliant pistols that can put an end to any conversation, especially if it has not begun. Yes, old Morkhukhn has changed a lot. In place of...

Granny Simulator


Granny Simulator - is a game in which two characters are available for control at once: a frail old woman, as well as her fidget grandson, who strives to arrange another dirty trick for the poor granny. While the pensioner is engaged in routine affairs, the granddaughter carefully sets traps and interferes with her in every possible way. How can everything end? And from that...

Super Bunny Man


Super Bunny Man - a bizarre arcade game built on physics and designed to be played in the company of two players. The main characters are bizarre characters in rabbit costumes who have to overcome many bright in-game locations, using only their own ingenuity and truly insane physics for these purposes. Incredibly colorful 3D graphics, an impressive variety of levels...

Lost Alone Ep.2


Lost Alone Ep.2 - Paparino - the second episode of the psychological horror from the first person will tell even more terrifying details from the life of George Tellaselva. The protagonist is trying to deal with events from the past, which suddenly returned to the already not joyful life of a man. Help him deal with them before it's too late. As in the previous part, in...

The Matrix Awakens


The Matrix Awakens - action game based on the famous film franchise The Matrix. The game is a photorealistic tech demo that showcases the power of Unreal Engine 5. Many of the actors and creators of the original film, including Keanu Reeves, Cary-Anne Moss, John Gaet, Lana Wachowski, and more, took part in the project. The main characters are Neo and Trinity...

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Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter


Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter - some mysterious killer has appeared, who deprives the blood of all the bodies of each of his victims. Who is this cruel man, and is he a man at all? Twin detectives named Eleanor and Randall are about to solve this case! And then another murder was committed in the cinema, the victim lost all the blood, and the killer was even nicknamed Dracula...

Roads of Rome 8: Portals 2


Roads of Rome 8: Portals 2 Collector's Edition - the most daring warriors of Rome continue to explore amazing fantasy worlds, diligently trying to find ancient portals there, but Armagon, the evil magician, is again about to appear on their way. But only this time, an unknown ally came to the aid of the Roman soldiers and their followers. Who is this mysterious helper...

Crypto Miner Tycoon


Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator - is a complete simulation of the cryptocurrency mining business. Several scenarios are available. In the first, you start out as a teenager whose rich dad is into digital currency. He is not very tech savvy so he gives you some money and offers you to build a cryptocurrency mining business. The game uses real coin prices, but your actions can...

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