Dead Island


Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition - is one of the best editions of the famous first-person zombie shooter. It includes all the official expansions and the original game.The events of the game take place on an island where, after unsuccessful experiments, an epidemic began. All this led to tragic consequences - all vacationers and residents of the island turned into...

Oxide Room 104


Oxide Room 104 - is an attractive and frightening adventure. The authors have tried to create a decent atmosphere and keep the intrigue to the right extent. We will get acquainted with the main character, he ended up in this mysterious place. The motel looks strange, your task will be to escape, staying alive and dealing with puzzles along the way. Here the mad scientist...

Eternal Evil


Eternal Evil - is a classic first person survival horror game. The apocalypse has hit a small town. Its inhabitants turn into bloodthirsty ghouls, attacking those who remained human and hopelessly trying to escape. The situation is extremely terrible, but perhaps you can fix it. Find out what or who caused it and for what purpose. To do this, you will need different firearms...

Lost Alone Ep.2


Lost Alone Ep.2 - Paparino - the second episode of the psychological horror from the first person will tell even more terrifying details from the life of George Tellaselva. The protagonist is trying to deal with events from the past, which suddenly returned to the already not joyful life of a man. Help him deal with them before it's too late. As in the previous part, in...



Granny - is a creepy game in its execution, where you have to go into a gloomy world and face a series of challenges. The story will tell you about the main character, who finds himself in a rather strange place. Waking up in complete bewilderment, you realize that you are in real trouble. The dark room escalates the situation, and the head hurts from being hit by some...

GhostWire: Tokyo


GhostWire: Tokyo - is a horror adventure in the style of modern Japan, which tells about the paranormal. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Japanese legends about bloodthirsty demons devouring people, and get to the bottom of the true reason for this phenomenon.The story of the game begins with the disappearance of thousands of Tokyo residents, carefree resting...

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Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria


In the Five Nights at Freddy's series, the addition - the sixth member of the "family" was the game Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. The player will control the character who owns the pizzeria. Because of this, you will have to not only survive in the labyrinth for 6 days, but also manage your pizza along the way, purchasing the necessary products and fulfilling the...

Chernobyl inferno


Chernobyl inferno - is a first-person stealth horror game in which you will plunge into a real nightmare while exploring the underground catacombs of Chernobyl. Immediately after the accident, many residents of Pripyat went to the catacombs to hide from radiation.

The LastOnesLeft


The LastOnesLeft - is a first-person survival horror game that puts the player in an abandoned village overrun by zombies. Uncover the truth about what happened by finding cryptic letters from an unknown source.

Mental Hospital


Mental Hospital - Child of Evil - playing the role of a reporter who is sent to investigate terrible events. Your adventure will begin at the very moment when you, that is, the main character, will have a message from a girl named Ada about the mystical events that are taking place in the vicinity of the Santa Monica hospital.



V696 - is a first-person horror thriller. He guides the person through the signs in the game and gives him clues to understand the story. With these hints, the player has an idea of the location of objects that can be found in the game.

Office No.41


Office No.41 - is a horror adventure with a deep dark story. James Loderick is a member of the closed specialized music school ''Lim Donna'', where he studied. But right after he comes to school, he realizes that something is wrong. He needs to remember all the terrible things that happened to him in these places.

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