Raft - is an excellent sea survival simulator. Here you will have to saddle a real raft and make a full-fledged housing out of it, in which you can live, survive, and at the same time travel through the endless expanses of the sea. Crafting and building will take up the most of your time. Not only that, from all the junk caught from under the water, you will have...

Spacelines from the Far Out


Spacelines from the Far Out - is an unusual game that combines the features of a business simulator and a space adventure. Go into space aboard a ship, travel, deal with tons of emergency situations and just enjoy the leisurely and fun atmosphere.At your disposal will be the first spacecraft and passengers, as well as ship employees, crew members, and more. now you...

Police Shootout


Police Shootout - is a first-person shooter in the turn-based strategy genre. Start your career as a police officer, investigate cases, gain experience and go on an adventure in San Adrino right now! Feel the thrill of participating in police operations based on real events. As a police officer, you must help, protect and prevent crime on the streets. Each of the situations...

House Flipper


House Flipper - is an exceptional opportunity to become a one-man repair team. Imagine that I have a chance to buy a ruined house and give it a new life! Become a MacGyver and renovate houses with your own hands using only basic tools. Do everything in your power to get rid of all the breakdowns and flaws that you encounter! Or maybe you have the soul of an artist...

Bus Driving Sim 22


Bus Driving Sim 22 - is a new bus driver simulator. Get behind the wheel and become a professional bus driver! This amazing bus simulator allows you to transport passengers in three different cities (Rio de Janeiro, Munich and Los Angeles) using various bus models with realistic physics and graphics. Play this bus simulator in single player and freeride modes or dive into...

Builder Simulator


Builder Simulator - is the perfect game for anyone who wants to build a house from scratch. A simple game with levels will guide you step by step and let you learn by showing you full instructions. However, at a difficult level, they will not help you. Instead, rely on skill development and do it yourself. You can travel to different locations around the world to do...

Granny Simulator


Granny Simulator - is a game in which two characters are available for control at once: a frail old woman, as well as her fidget grandson, who strives to arrange another dirty trick for the poor granny. While the pensioner is engaged in routine affairs, the granddaughter carefully sets traps and interferes with her in every possible way. How can everything end? And from that...

Crypto Miner Tycoon


Crypto Miner Tycoon Simulator - is a complete simulation of the cryptocurrency mining business. Several scenarios are available. In the first, you start out as a teenager whose rich dad is into digital currency. He is not very tech savvy so he gives you some money and offers you to build a cryptocurrency mining business. The game uses real coin prices, but your actions can...

Cultist Simulator


Cultist Simulator - is a game in which you have to try on the role of a predictor of the future. Are you horrified by just one name? Do not be afraid. To help you make predictions will be special cards, each of which is organically integrated into the setting of the game. The mechanics of the game, despite the presence of cards in it, is much more complicated than...

Taxi Driver - The Simulation


Taxi Driver - the Simulation - is a taxi simulator in which you can get behind the wheel of a real taxi and travel around the city of Hamside. There are always more than enough customers here, and there are not enough taxi drivers, unfortunately.So you have to work hard, and you need to do it as well as possible, efficiently and in accordance with the rules of the road...

Model Builder


Model Builder - is a game about collecting and modifying vehicle models. Collect, modify and display your models on virtual shelves! Everyone will have fun: both beginners and veteran modellers.

Train Life


Train Life: A Railway Simulator - is a train driver simulation and the opportunity to become the owner of a railway transportation company. You will be able to transport both people and various goods, the whole of Europe will be at your disposal, explore new routes and earn even more

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