Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter

Release year: 2022
Genre: I'm looking for (Hidden-Object)
Developer: DominiGames
Publisher: DominiGames
Platform: Windows
Publication type: Unofficial
Interface language: English
Voice language: English
Tablet: Not required

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz
RAM: 2048 Mb
DirectX: 9.0 or higher
Free hard disk space: 700 MB

Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter - some mysterious killer has appeared, who deprives the blood of all the bodies of each of his victims. Who is this cruel man, and is he a man at all? Twin detectives named Eleanor and Randall are about to solve this case! And then another murder was committed in the cinema, the victim lost all the blood, and the killer was even nicknamed Dracula.

The game features a wide variety of puzzles and puzzles, the complexity of which increases with each new level. You have to look for numerous hidden objects and communicate with charismatic characters. A Collector's Edition is available, containing a huge amount of bonus material. For example, an extra chapter is available for Eleanor involved in a love triangle. You can choose chapters and replay puzzles.

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